Sustainability Goals

The sustainability of this project has four goals: human, social, economic and environmental.



The project will preserve and improve the quality of life by being able to create more jobs; by providing more opportunities for people of all ages to be more physically active; by creating an atmosphere for positive socialization, integration and healthy lifestyle habits; and, by helping to make the municipality an attractive place to live, move to and visit.



Another great motivation is to show people that we can build a large, environmentally friendly and self-sufficient facility that will use renewable energy sources and integrate the architecture into the beautiful natural surroundings without compromising them. Our goal is to use as much renewable energy as possible - being it solar, hydro or geothermal power.



We want to play a big role in a social life with quality, tolerance, respect and friendship. Our facility will, together with our unique activities and services, facilitate a healthy and positive social integration, accessible to everyone in Sunnfjord and the surrounding area. In addition to a restaurant, bar, conference rooms and offices, we will also be an arena for both large and small sporting events, training camps, schools, competitions. A place for organized and self-organized activities.



Some of the most important goals of this project are about experience tourism and strengthening local culture and society. We want to build an attraction that has a strong focus on experiences, which will encourage tourists to stay several days in district and the region. There will be offers for outdoor and indoor activities, local food, Norwegian culture and various accommodation options. We also want bring more focus to a more sustainable tourism, lifting up the local and existing companies by giving them the opportunity to expand their business.