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The Location

We have secured an unique location at Sandane, next to one of the most important roads in Vestland county E39, between Sunnfjord and Nordfjord.


In this stretch pass the majority of travellers coming from Oslo og Bergen area whom are heading northwards on the way to the most visited surf destination, Hoddevik. By Sandane there are on average 2,500 vehicles passing daily, ie 912,500 per year, according to data from the Roads Administration.

Sandane airport Anda is located 10 minutes (8,5km) away by car. Nordfjordeid Cruise Ship Terminal is 40 minutes (21km) away by car, including a stretch by ferry.

Sandane lies at the bottom of the beautiful Gloppen Fjords, as a 12-kilometer-long southeastern arm of the Nordfjord.

Turistkart Gloppen.jpg
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