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About the project

The urban surf experience in one of the coldest countries in the world. Fjord Waves will be a unique offer for those who are looking for perfect waves and are seeking for a thrilling and social experience all year round.


We have an option agreement on a unique location in Sandane, Sogn og Fjordane district, next to one of the most important roads in Vestland county - E39. The majority of travelers pass this area coming from Oslo or Bergen when heading northwards on the way to the most visited surf destination, Hoddevik.


The sustainability of this project has three goals: human, social and economical. Focusing on 5 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

At least 45 000

Based on market research and the location alongside E39, Fjord Waves will potentially have at least 45 000 visitors annualy.

At least 21,5 MNOK

Estimated yearly revenue based on market research, location, interests and predicted prices.

365 Days

Our goal is to keep the facility open year round - winter as summer. 


A unique and new experience-based tourism in the middle of an already established destination for holiday makers. 


The project aims to use different renewable energy sources and contribute to local economic growth.

Project Timeline

Project Timeline

Bli med på laget!

Gitt prosjektets størrelse og omfang er vi i denne fasen av planleggingen ute etter investorer, eiere og samarbeidspartnere. Dette er en unik mulighet til å være med på å realisere en felles drøm om Skandinavias første tropiske surfe og badeopplevelse. Bli med!

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